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Canon Australian 2014 NSW Junior Series Mogul Championships

The Canon 2014 NSW Junior Series Moguls event concluded on Sunday afternoon with an exciting day of duals competition. The head-to-head battles on Cold Shoulder at Perisher capped off a fantastic weekend of freestyle action, beginning with the singles event on Saturday. The meet, organised by NSW Freestyle, attracted some of the best junior and youth mogul athletes from around Australia, including skiers from The Mogul Skiing Academy (AUSMSA), the Perisher Winter Sports Club (PWSC), the Thredbo Mountain Academy and the NSW Interschools Talent Identification Camp.

Chapman-Davies wins two from two at Vail RMD Mogul Competition

Rohan Chapman-Davies capped off an excellent weekend by once again finishing on top of the podium in Vail. The dual mogul competition, held on Cookshack, was held in extremely difficult conditions, with wind, fog and snow causing numerous delays on course. Chapman-Davies weathered the storm and held off teammate David Graham in the grand final to take the win. In the women, Kelly Lawson’s quest for a repeat dual win was foiled at the final stage by Vail local Hannah Miles, whose consistency paid off on the soft course.

Coach Peter McNiel happy with his two athletes' first and second places - Rohan Chapman-Davies and David Graham
Rohan Chapman-Davies and David Graham showing off their hardware in Vail
The men's top 8 dual mogul skiers from Vail, Colorado
Alex Debonville getting down to the presentation in style
The women's top 8 dual mogul skiers on Cookshack
Kelly Lawson stoked to finish in second place on duals day
Tess Johnson and Kaitlyn Harty supporting their teammates at the bottom of the course

Rohan Chapman-Davies (AUSMSA/NSWIS) was untouchable on both of his runs down Cookshack, and took the victory on day 1 of the Rocky Mountain Freestyle competition in Vail, Colorado. Lane Stoltzner was champion in the women, after putting down two solid runs. The athletes from AUSMSA were some of the best performing of the day, with 6 skiers finishing in the coveted top 10.

Rohan Chapman-Davies with a laid out backflip on the top air
A beautiful morning for the first day of competition in Vail
Will Martin soaring above Cookshack
Sophie Ash ripping down the top section in Vail
Ryan Dyer dropping an arm in the bluebird sky
Tom Rowley crossing up a d-spin on the bottom air
The six AUSMSA athletes who finished in the top 10
The AUSMSA crew and friends at the bottom of Vail, Colorado

2014 Steamboat Rocky Mountain Division Mogul Competition Wrap-up

After a picturesque bluebird training day on Friday, the weather took a turn for both Saturday and Sunday, where we were treated with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. The athletes made the most of the awesome conditions on a beautifully prepared Voodoo mogul course, and some amazing runs were put down on both the singles and duals day. Skiers converged on Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the first competition of 2014 as part of the Rocky Mountain Freestyle circuit, and put on a great show for anyone lucky enough to be in the area!

Voodoo mogul course looking prime in Steamboat Springs
Jaelin Kauf ripping down Voodoo mogul course
Sophia Schwartz sending her d-spin on the bottom air
The men's top 10 on day 1, including AUSMSA's David Graham and Rohan Chapman-Davies
Morgan Osborne blazing a trail down the middle section
The women's top 8 from duals day
Jakara Anthony and Sophie Ash all smiles after a successful duals day
William Martin ranging down the moguls
David Graham sending it straight in the awesome snow in Steamboat
Ryan Dyer opening up a big cork 720 on the bottom air
Peter Milliken booting out of a backflip after the top air
Emerson Smith stretching out over Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The final day of competition in Winter Park, Colorado for the 2013 US Freestyle Selections was a duals event. After a round of singles qualifications, the top 16 men and women move into a duals bracket and compete for the overall win. Shane Cordeau (Sun Valley) proved too strong in the men, with his unique style combining with extreme pace to be unmatchable down the course. In the women, Nessa Dziemian (Park City) capped off an excellent week with a skiing and jumps package that proved to be the best on the day.

Casey Andringa with a big d-spin off the top air
Morgan Osbourne with a textbook back lay
Joel Hedrick impressing the judges with a back lay
Sterling Crescimanno falling out of a d-spin with style
Jakara Anthony ranging out down the middle section
Kelly Lawson getting ready to rip up the mogul course
The two Japanese: Sugimoto and Suzuki putting on a show for the crowd
The women's podium getting excited about duals day! Nessa Dziemian (1st), Morgan Schild (2nd) and Kealey Zaumseil (3rd)

World Cup Starts awarded for Team USA on Day 2 of US Selections

The second day of competition at the 2013 US Freestyle Selections was held once again in Winter Park, Colorado. David Digravio (US Ski Team) continued his fine form from day 1 of competition to finish one place higher on the podium in 1st, while Sophia Schwartz (US Ski Team) also improved on her previous day’s result by winning the women’s division. Amongst the global representation, the Australian athletes performed well to have three skiers in the final.

Elizabeth O'Connell ripping down Ambush
Madii Himbury sending a backflip on the bottom air
Alex Jenson ranging out in the middle section
Sophie Ash gliding out of her backflip
Sam Hall crossing up his big d-spin
Patrick O'Connell going big on the bottom air
Ryan Dyer making the most of the soft course in Winter Park
Sterling Crescimanno grabbing truck driver on the top air over the judges' stand
The US Skiers to earn World Cup starts: Troy Murphy, Sophia Schwartz, Dave Digravio and Keaton McCargo

2013 US Freestyle Selections - Day 1

It was a successful day for athletes from the USA on December 19, with all six spots on the podium filled by skiers from the host country. Morgan Schild (Vail) and Troy Murphy (US Ski Team) took home the top honours on an immaculate mogul run prepared by the Winter Park Competition Centre. Australian athletes James Matheson and Sam Hall skied well to make the very competitive men’s final, whilst Jakara Anthony was the best performing Australian female, missing out on a finals birth by 0.09 points.

Athletes were treated to a beautiful day on Ambush mogul course in Winter Park
David Graham sending his d-spin off the bottom air
Lane Stoltzner ripping down the middle section of the Winter Park course
Troy Murphy of the US Ski Team atop of the podium in front of David Digravio and Bruce Perry Jr
Shane Cordeau with his textbook back full before launching into the middle section
Sophia Schwartz upping the ante on the top air with a back-full
Morgan Schild of Vail standing tall in first place, with Sophia Schwartz and Brittany Loweree rounding out the top 3
NSWIS/AUSMSA athlete Peter Milliken going huge on a back-x on the bottom air

Sam Hall, Olympic Winter Institute of Australia athlete, shook off an underwhelming performance on Day 1 at Apex to come right back and win Day 2 of the 2013 FIS Freestyle North American Cup Dual Moguls event at Apex mountain, British Colombia, Canada.

Hall comes off a great duals performance last week at Telluride where he qualified 5th and ended up dualing his way to 3rd place, only losing one dual in the Semi Final to Shane Cordeau, the ultimate winner of that event.

Brodie Summers, New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) Australian Development Mogul Team athlete, skied immaculately to get on the podium and take out 2nd place on Day 1 Singles of the FIS Freestyle North American Cup Mogul Event at Apex Mountain, British Colombia, Canada.

The weather was in and out all day with fog, snow, sunshine and wind, but Summers remained unwaveringly focused. Summers looked good all day, from the first training run in the morning he was put down clean fast runs.

Brodie Summers on his way to a 2nd place podium finish in the FIS Nor-AM at Apex
Rohan Chapman-Davies looking good on the Apex mogul course
Pip Sparrow skiing in finals form in the FIS Freestyle North American Cup Mogul event at Apex
FIS Freestyle North American Cup Single Moguls Podium at Apex Mountain
Brodie SUmmers enjoying the moment on his first podium at a FIS Freestyle North American Cup Single Moguls Event

Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA) skier Sam Hall staved off rivals in the Dual Finals at the North American Cup at Telluride, Colorado to finish in 3rd place with his first FIS Freestyle North American Cup podium. This podium is the first FIS Freestyle North American Cup podium for the men’s Australian Development Mogul Team in recent years.

Sam Hall skiing his way to a 3rd place at the FIS Freestyle North American Cup Dual Mogul Event at Telluride
Shane Cordeau gettting some angles on the Telluride FIS NorAM Course
Sam Hall boosting a cork 720 off the bottom air at Telluride at the FIS Freestyle North American Cup mogul event

News South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) Brodie Summers records a 4th place and his best result in the first event of the 2013 FIS Freestyle North American Cup at Telluride, Colorado.

Summers put down a confident run in qualifying, earning him a 5th place and finals run. He captured the judges attention with a massive Loop Truck off the top air, clean turns through the middle and his trademark Cork 720 off the bottom air.

Brodie Summers charging his way down through the middle section at the FIS Freestyle North American Cup at Telluride
Bruce Perry Junior on his way to a podium finish in Telluride
James Matheson sending a huge back X to the bottom of the chop at the FIS Freestyle NorAM in Telluride
Brodie Summers with his trademark cork 720 off the bottom air

The fifth Rocky Mountain Division Mogul event of the season took place on an immaculately prepared Ambush mogul course at Winter Park. After a week of snowfall the sun came out and the course was primed and ready to be shredded by skiers from across Colorado. Winter Park skiers Bruce Perry Jnr and Casey Andringa dominated the field coming first and second respectively on both days. Casey Andringa was a standout performer landing his first cork 1080 in competition scoring a perfect 2.5 from both judges, check out the video of his run on the site.

The Winter Park course looking perfect before the start of Day 2
Bruce Perry Junior launching a back full off the top air at Winter Park
Krystle Yin 360ing her way to a top 10 finish at Winter Park
Campbell Cooke with a nice Back-X on the bottom air.
Casey Andringa about to wrap it up for a cork 1080 on the bottom air
The mens podium on Day 1 including NSWIS Athlete David Graham in 3rd place.
The Womens podium on day 1 with Krystle Yin in 10th place overall and Pip Sparrow in 4th place overall.

Great conditions for 2013 RMD Aspen Valley Moguls event

The Aspen Valley Moguls at Aspen Highlands was a beautiful three days of bump skiing down Thunderbowl run. As a junior event, only those born in 1994 or earlier were able to compete, but this did nothing to lower the standard of the competition, as many of the best skiers on the Rocky Mountain Circuit fall into this division! Once again, the event was well frequented by many teams around Colorado, as well as the eligible AUSMSA athletes.

James Campbell lighting it up through the middle section of the Aspen Valley mogul course
Zach Biesse-Fitton crossing it up high above the Aspen Valley mogul course
Juliana Nix in the middle section on Thunderbowl
The boys sending it side by side off the top air on Thunderbowl
The mens podium at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Division Moguls at Aspen Valley
The womens podium at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Division Moguls at Aspen Valley

Athletes from all over Colorado ascended to Cookshack mogul course in Vail, Colorado, for the second Rocky Mountain Division event of 2013. Bump skiers were treated to a soft course on the training day, which became significantly firmer and deeper as the weekend wore on. Once again, the meet was frequented by Australian skiers from the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS), The Mogul Skiing Academy (AUSMSA) and Team Buller Riders (TBR), who challenged the local Colorado shredders.

Sophia Schwartz with some improvised air down the bottom of Cookshack in her first run
Peter Richardson ripping down the middle section of the mogul course
Joel Hedrick lighting up Cookshack in the Rocky Mountain Division Moguls
Kate Blamey leading the charge down the course in training before the competition
Alex Cassilles getting aggressive as he heads into the bottom air
Rohan Chapman-Davies with a big back-x off the bottom air of Cookshack
All of the competitors at the top of the Cookshack mogul course, in Vail, Colorado
The men's top 10 after day 1 of competition in Vail, Colorado
Peter Milliken with his textbook 360 on the tough top air in Vail, Colorado
Karsyn Everett getting some angles down the backside in the middle section
The ladies top 8 on day 2, duals day of the second Rocky Mountain Event of 2013

The Rocky Mountain Division Freestyle Moguls Tour kicked off with a bang last weekend in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Ski Town USA played host to over 120 competitors over two days of bluebird competition. With athletes hailing from various clubs within Colorado, as well as representatives from the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS), The Mogul Skiing Academy (AUSMSA) and Team Buller Riders (TBR), it was always going to be a hotly contested event.

Training is open for the athletes on the Steamboat Springs mogul course on Voodoo
Campbell Cooke in good position as he races down to the bottom air
Juliana Nix and Alexa Calic having a friendly dual in training for day 2 of competition
Jimmy Matheson with his trademark back-cross over Steamboat Springs
Hugh Norton coming out of his back-cross with style on the bottom air
James Phillips looping out off the top air on a cool Colorado morning
David Graham ripping down the middle section on Voodoo
Alycia Nix ranging down the firm bumps in Steamboat
Tiana Calic getting aggressive down the challenging mogul course
The Ladies Duals Top 8, with Pip Sparrow in 6th place
The Men's Duals Top 8, happy after a tough day's competition on day 2

The final day of competition for the US Freestyle Selections culminated in an impressive display of mogul skiing at Copper Mountain. Men and women of all ages raced down Rosi’s Run in qualifications, and later on in dual finals. Sophia Schwartz was unstoppable all day and was on top of the podium for the women, whilst Stirling Crescimanno battled it out in the men to take home the win. AUSMSA athlete Pip Sparrow continued her destructive form to make the quarter finals, whilst NSWIS skier Rohan Chapman-Davies also qualified for the duals.

NSWIS Athlete Brodie Summers grabbing hold of a loop truck on Day 3 of the US Freestyle Selections
A Back X over the mountains at Copper Mountain
Jake Ashton taking up a Back X on the bottom air of Rosies Run
James Campbell spinning a 360 off the top air
Japanese skier Jumpei Tatebe styling out a big back X
The Ladies Duals Podium on Day 3 of the 2012 US Freestyle Selections - 1st Sophia Schwartz - 2nd Morgan Schild - 3rd Jordan Zoller
The top of Copper Mountain on Day 3 of the 2012 US Freestyle Selections
The Mens Duals Podium on Day 3 of the 2012 US Freestyle Selections - 1st Sterling Crescimanno - 2nd Sora Yoshikawa - 3rd Casey Andringa

Day 2 of the US Freestyle Selections competition commenced on a beautiful bluebird Colorado day. The standard was just as impressive as day 1, with many high scores recorded, particularly in the finals. In a frantic day that involved a blackout to the whole of Copper, which eliminated the super finals from the schedule, the athletes did very well to put together solid runs. Troy Murphy took home the win in the male division, with Kelsey Albert taking the honours in the ladies division.

Pip Sparrow sending a huge loop and impressing the judges off the bottom air on Day 2 of the 2012 US Freestyle Selections
Congratulations to the US Mogul Skiers achieving World Cup Starts - Kelsey Albert - Keaton McCargo - Troy Murphy - Nicholas Keating
Park City Freestyle skier Alex Jensen with some tight turns in the middle section
Park City  skier Darius Baradaran with an impressive back lay off the top air
Jake Hickman flying through the middle section of the Copper Mountain course on Rosies Run
One of the huge Japanese contigent sending a big Back X
SSWSCs Lane Stoltzner with a back lay off the bottom air on her way to a podium result
SSWSC Athlete Sophia Schwartz performing a D-Spin as part of her high degree of difficulty aerial combination
NSWIS Athlete Taylah ONeill crossing up a big Back X on the bottom air of the Copper Mountain US Freestyle Selections course

Taylah O’Neill of the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) took out Day 1 of the US Freestyle Selections, which took place on a snow filled Copper Mountain Resort. Taylah was the best female mogul skier on the cold Colorado day, which included representations from the US Ski Team, Japan, Poland, Great Britain, Iran, and many regional teams throughout the United States. NSWIS and AUSMSA bump skiers made up the Australian contingent, and put on a strong show against some of the best talent in the world.

2012 US Freestyle Selections - Day 1 - Podium - 1st Taylah ONeill - 2nd Keaton Mccargo - 3rd Kaitlin Harrell
Campbell Cooke boosting a big 360 at the top of the Copper Mountain mogul course
James Campbell hustling own the middle section
NSWIS Athlete James Matheson sending a big Back Cross off the bottom air at the US Freestyle Selections
Park City Freestyle athlete Nessa Dziemian with a massive top air Cork 720 overlooking the Copper Mountain village
Pip Sparrow demonstrating what is fast becoming her signature move - a big bottom air loop
NSWIS Athlete Taylah ONeill executing the best turns of the day on the US Freestyle Selections course
Trevor Semmens with one of the most styled tricks of the day
Zach Biesse Fitton keeping tight form as he flies down the middle section in his first international FIS event